I Want Divorce

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My husband is an Engineer by profession, I love him for his steady nature, and I love the warm feeling when I lean against his broad shoulders. Three years of courtship and now, two years into marriage, I would have to admit, that I am getting tired of it. The reasons of me loving him before has now transformed into the cause of all my restlessness.

I am a sentimental woman and extremely sensitive when it comes to a relationship and my feelings, I yearn for the romantic moments, like a little girl yearning for candy. My husband, is my complete opposite, his lack of sensitivity, and the inability of bringing romantic moments into our marriage has disheartened me about love. One day, I finally decided to tell him my decision, that I wanted a divorce.

“Why?” he asked, shocked.

“I am tired, there are no reasons for everything in the world!” I answered.

He kept silent the whole night, seems to be in deep thought with a lighted cigarette at all times. My feeling of disappointment only increased, here was a man who can’t even express his predicament, what else can I hope from him? And finally he asked me:

” What can I do to change your mind?”

Somebody said it right, it’s hard to change a person’s personality, and I guess, I have started losing faith in him.

Looking deep into his eyes I slowly answered:

“Here is the question, if you can answer and convince my heart, I will change my mind, Let’s say, I want a flower located on the face of a mountain cliff, and we both are sure that picking the flower will cause your death, will you do it for me?”

He said:” I will give you your answer tomorrow….”

My hopes just sank by listening to his response.

I woke up the next morning to find him gone, and saw a piece of paper with his scratchy handwriting, underneath a milk glass, on the dining table near the front door, that goes….

My dear, “I would not pick that flower for you, but please allow me to explain the reasons further..”

This first line was already breaking my heart. I continued reading…..

1. When you use the computer you always mess up the Software programs, and you cry in front of the screen, I have to save my fingers so that I can help to restore the programs.

2. You always leave the house keys behind, thus I have to save my legs to rush home to open the door for you.

3. You love traveling but always lose your way in a new city, I have to save my eyes to show you the way back home.

4. You always have the cramps whenever your “good friend” approaches every month, I have to save my palms so that I can calm the cramps in your Tummy.

5. You like to stay indoors, and I worry that you will be infected by infantile autism. I have to save my mouth to tell you jokes and stories to cure your boredom.

6. You always stare at the computer, and that will do nothing good for your eyes, I have to save my eyes so that when we grow old, I can help to clip your nails, and help to remove those annoying white hairs.

7. So I can also hold your hand while strolling down the beach, as you enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful sand… and tell you the color of flowers, just like the color of the glow on your young face…

Thus, my dear, unless I am sure that there is someone who loves you more than I do… I could not pick that flower yet, and die..

My tears fell on the letter, and blurred the ink of his handwriting…and as I continue on reading…

“Now, that you have finished reading my answer, if you are satisfied, please open the front door for I am standing outside bringing your favorite bread and fresh milk…

I rush to pull open the door, and saw his anxious face, clutching tightly with his hands, the milk bottle and loaf of bread…. Now I am very sure that no one will ever love me as much as he does, and I have decided to leave the flower alone…

That’s life, and love.

When one is surrounded by love, the feeling of excitement fades away, and one tends to ignore the true love that lies in between the peace and dullness.

Love shows up in all forms, even very small and cheeky forms, it has never been a model, it could be the most dull and boring form.. .flowers, and romantic moments are only used and appear on the surface of the relationship. Under all this, the pillar of true love stands.. and that’s our life..

Love, not words win arguments. πŸ™‚

taken from here

  1. pertamax…. hahahhaa…. mumpung commentnya blom beratus2an… thanks uda nge-link… Gbu.

    • Hahahaha, ko Bobby bisa aja. Ini khan blog lama, udah jarang yang main kesini, jadi komennya gak bakal sampe ratusan, paling juga puluhan.

      But Indeed, I love this article a lot. Thanks for your inspiring Inbox yah πŸ™‚

  2. Iseng-sieng ngeklik banner yang di blog asli, disini juga ada toh mbak sil. Hmmm, I wonder who you are. Benar-benar penasaran. Boleh kenalan? πŸ˜›

  3. terharu gw bacanya 😦

    • Sama… aku juga terharu pas baca artikel ini ocha. Bagus yah, mengingatkan kita untuk tidak mudah menyerah kalo ada masalah dalam pernikahan πŸ™‚

  4. kirain kata hati….

    Sebulan gak mampir, rumah sudah dirombak.. mmmmm… pinky is the best…. *at least for a mommy*

    • baru nyadar, ternyata ini rumah kontrakan, bukan rumah asli Silly.
      Waktu nulis ‘Sill’ di address bar, maen Enter saja. Jadinya meluncur ke rumah kontrakan ini, bukan rumah dhewe. Kirain ganti layout, ternyata di sana masih seperti sedaiakala.

      • Mas Embun bisa aja, hehehe. iya ini blog lama. blog yang baru khan gak pake wordpress.

        Thanks, anyway πŸ™‚

  5. the story is soo romantic..
    i like the moral note.. if you have a problem, with your couple maybe, don’t ever try to get rid of it.. solve it..
    and i’m sure that the relationship will be closer…

    • Well, yes Indeed. Solving the problem will bring couples to be more closer to each other.

      But sometimes it doesn’t work that well. For the worse case, divorce is the best way to save our energy, rather then fighting all the time for nothing. Step out and get a ‘real life’, is the best way when there is no more love and happiness in that kind of relationship.

  6. dem
    kirain ini ungkapan hati
    udah keburu shock duluan baca judulnya

  7. wow! what a great answer… he still knows how to touch your heart.

    • Hi there, how are you? It’s nice to know that you still read my blog. πŸ™‚

      Actually, this is not my story. I searched some article about divorce in internet and found this nice-inspiring-article, so I asked the owner to re-post it here, and he said yes.

      Well, I try to learn something from it,… for my self. You know, for me, marriage is a very ‘strange relationship’ that I have to deal with, and try to learn how to be happy if I want to survive. That’s the best way to enjoy my life πŸ˜€

  8. very nice blog , salam kenal

  9. malam sahabat

    pa cabar?
    long banget yah kita tak bertamuan

    wahwah meski hanya artikel but lumayanlah tuk blue simak isinyaheheheh………
    salam hangat selalu

    d u remember with blue tidak yah ehhehe………

    • tentu saja masih ingat… mas apa khabar?

      ini khan blog lama saya, kok gak pernah main ke sih??? mampir2 yahhh πŸ˜€

      Thanks yahhh πŸ™‚

  10. Apa Kabar Silly? Sampai bingung, banyak blognya. Yg asli dimana blognya?

    • baikkkkk, hehehehehe…

      Iya blog saya banyak emang, sampe pusing yahhh… Sekarang sedang dibuatkan portal khusus perempuan di

      Seru-seru ceritanya… semua perempuan boleh posting disana… laki2 juga gak dilarang. Keren kan?… yukk mampir dong πŸ™‚

      btw, apa khabar mas Erik? πŸ™‚

  11. very amazing……
    so romantic….
    tapi untung lah mereka gk jadi cere,soalnya gimana dgn anak mereka….
    moga” suami istri bisa saling memahami…

  12. Hampir mewek…hehehhe apalagi kalo ini ceritamu…eh…aku si OchaOcha (*nama yg aku pake di blog barumyu…*) iseng maen ke sini…

    • haiiii ochaaaa, makasih udah iseng mampir sini yahhh πŸ™‚

      hihihihi, iya, blog ini dah lama tidak dipost, jadi baru aku isi lagi dengan tulisan2 dalam bahasa inggris yang menurutku menarik )

      makasih sekali lagi yah

  13. kita kadang tidak tau karena terbiasa mendapatkannya, ketika kita diingatkan baru deh terasa betapa berharganya orang itu.

    really romantic story mbak πŸ˜‰

  14. Oh my God…. That was really a great moment….

  15. wanita butuh diyakinkan dan dibukakan matanya? sepertinya aneh kalo harus menyebutkan segala kebaikan yg udah seorang pria lakukan buat seorang wanita…berasa pamrih gitu sill…
    BTW udah lama ga mampir kesini…apa kabar sill?

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