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In Affection, friendship, Psikology on July 13, 2009 at 3:14 pm

I just don’t understand why people seems to hate a gay guy.

Me my self, love to have such a gay friend. I used to have one, his name is Verol. He is a very loving boy, handsome, and always used branded perfume everytime he went out. He is a very cute guy. Unfortunately, he only loves man, not woman.

I remembered the day when we slept together one night, a day before my wedding day. We talked about everything, launghed at everything, and cried together on our sadness stories. He was my best friend… well, he IS my best friend, because until now, he’s still a best friend of mine.

Love your gray bag, darling 😛

Anyway, for those who think that gay guy is a foe, I think you should think again. They are brilliant, and many of them have a perfect job and good carrier.

Yes, Indeed… for me… Gay Guy is woman best friend 🙂

What about you?