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In Affection, friendship, Psikology on July 13, 2009 at 3:14 pm

I just don’t understand why people seems to hate a gay guy.

Me my self, love to have such a gay friend. I used to have one, his name is Verol. He is a very loving boy, handsome, and always used branded perfume everytime he went out. He is a very cute guy. Unfortunately, he only loves man, not woman.

I remembered the day when we slept together one night, a day before my wedding day. We talked about everything, launghed at everything, and cried together on our sadness stories. He was my best friend… well, he IS my best friend, because until now, he’s still a best friend of mine.

Love your gray bag, darling 😛

Anyway, for those who think that gay guy is a foe, I think you should think again. They are brilliant, and many of them have a perfect job and good carrier.

Yes, Indeed… for me… Gay Guy is woman best friend 🙂

What about you?


In Belajar Bikin Puisi, Iseng, Poem, Psikology on February 21, 2009 at 9:34 am


Walking in the world you came to me…

Perfect in all that you can be…

The glow in your eyes telling me

You cared for me


With each passing day

our friendship grew stronger

Chains surrounding, binding us together

Not for ill, but to keep us strong for each other


Day turns to night

and all I see…

… is you


The star light gleams off your pale skin

All hope and dreams of tomorrow surround us

They fill us with their golden song,

and silver words


The days and nights continue on and on

Marching forward with a ceaseless pace


One day it stopped


All that was my life halted in its tracks

The moments of peace that I had

Dreams of tomorrow,

of tonight, and yesterday


All were shattered within my mind

You are gone,… not to be seen

Night after night I wait for you

hoping and praying


Wanting you to come to me and smile

Wishing you would come home and say

“I miss you, my sweetypie”


As the days wore on, I knew it was true

I will not be able to see, the light in your eyes

The fire of love that kept us warm

will be forever cold


The angel inside your heart

is now shattered and gone for good

As I find you alone at home,

cold,.. ever so cold


The spirit within me… cries in anguish

As I kneel at your side, praying this isn’t true.

Here I am torn asunder,

how I will live.


Who can I love, when all that I was is now at my side?

Never will I be able to look to tomorrow..

Or hope for tonight’s stars,..

or dream of yesterday


Here I am torn apart over you….

Where can I go to find you?

Tentang keinginanku menjadi POHON…

In Psikology on June 24, 2008 at 7:57 am

Selamat Pagi Semuaaaaaaaaaaaa…

Aiiiihhhh…. maaf yachhh,… kemarin saya benar2 dalam keadaan Drop Luar Binasa (DLB) menghadapi PMS dan segala tetek bengek urusan domestik yg saya akhirnya tuangkan dalam tulisan dirumah yg satu lagi (disini banyak yg mampir nyari Dewi Persik soalnya, kalo baca tulisan itu pasti yg timbul dalam benak mereka – karena tak kenal maka tak sayang – adalah…

Sokkkk banget sich nih perempuan, udah kayak yg paling cakep ajah, atau udah kek yg paling pinter nulis ajah”,

atau malah mungkin akan bilang,

“halahhh, sok seleb amat, selebriti aja gak gitu2 amat”… dsb

Well, understandable… but on the other side… I need to let it out… Saya butuh wadah untuk numpahin uneg2 saya… Lah silly kan manusia biasa juga, jadi boleh dong curhat (karna saya yakin, hanya yg benar2 sayang sama silly (cieeeehhh, hihihihi) yang bakalan capek2 mampir kesana…).

Sekarang udah lega dehhhh… I never let my sadness stay longger than oneday… begitu matahari terbit… Ya terbit lagi hati yg baru… hati yg penuh ucapan syukur karena masih dikasih kesempatan untuk menikmati hari baru ini.

Ok. So… tadi mo ngomong apa yach… (hehehehehehe, kalo punya temen kek gini langsung gue timpuk pake GINKOBILOBA sekarung, biar gak suka lupa mo ngomong apa… 😀 )

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